La Haute Couture Cellulaire © works from the principle that the thread of your achievement is already woven into your cells, and that the whole point of developing your niche business further and more successfully lies in giving the 360° version of yourself more time and space.

Reconnected both to yourself and the essence of your business, each tiny step at a time, you’ll breathe in new life and gain a wide-angle view to be able to get your bearings and really spread your wings.



I enlighten you to understand who you have become since your company started up and so delve into the heart of your DNA. You learn to become more receptive to transform your obstacles and try to see the bigger picture, looking further and seeing the good side.

Together, we devise a wide-angle view of your resources and abilities to breathe more life into your business, based on steady foundations.


I help you discover how to upgrade your products and services by aligning your intentions with your customers’ needs and desires. You will understand how remaining connected to your intuition allows you, in turn, to be more reactive and more creative.

Together, we can create the strategic, operational and economic conditions to develop your company more solidly, healthily and serenely.


I hand you the keys to open the right doors, at the right time, in the right places. You understand how to make the most of your time, energy and money so that they amplify your business’s development rather than slow it down.

Together, we construct the memory of your future so that your brand and its environment make a real impression.


I awaken your outlook regarding your potential impact on the world by simply aligning your vibration. You learn to develop your attention and your intention to put across better targeted, more relevant messages and make more powerful commitments.

Together, we can realign the meaning and the growth of your company, to benefit all your customers and your ecosystem. It’s win-win all round.


Embody your identity and touch people deeply with your brand. All in confidence.

6 TO 18 monthS BY YOUR SIDE

In one-to-one sessions
in Bordeaux and Paris.

VIP version

Move your business up a dimension by expanding your ground-breaking, top-of-the-range expertise.


Next session in January 2019
in Bordeaux.


Fit intuition and quantics into the heart of your company.


October 8th and 9 th
in Bordeaux in a VIP group.

Public version

Breath an innovative approach into your company thanks to an XXL vision and heightened energy.


Custom-built workshop and conference


Our clients’ peculiar path and unique vision embody 21 inspiring incarnations of tomorrow’s world. From today on.

“Back against the wall at odds
With the strength of the will and a cause
Your pursuits are called outstanding,
Though emotionally complex,
And you, have proved, to be a real human being
And a real hero”

« A Real Hero » • College feat. Electric Youth