Le luxe d’être soi

jointly set up with pioneers,
unfolding their world
within the world.

In 2010, I set up Le luxe d’être soi to beat a path towards a new economic and society model, mentoring entrepreneurs to help make their business completely unique, profoundly useful and subtly magnetic.

Creator of La Haute Couture Cellulaire ©, I now wish to build innovative bridges between branding, quantum aspects, luxury and the artistic world by means of individual and collective transformation experiences, exclusively custom-built and as a limited edition.

Le Luxe d’être soi’s clients are pioneers who naturally keep the world moving forwards thanks to explosive alchemy between their sense of business, their high emotional potential, and their demanding nature and integrity. They call on my services to upgrade their vision, spread their wings 360°… and expand their contribution to building a reliable, structuring and reassuring society.

They thereby help others to move into an economic world that generates both more meaning and growth. Welcome !


Céline boura

I am

As a forerunner in brand identity and prospective since 2010 with a grounding in neurosciences, quantum psychobiology, mindfulness, Life Future Progression and French Touch personal branding, I am completely in my element when connecting up the invisible world with business development.


You are

As a pioneering soul, acknowledged visionary within your field of expertise, you give the impression of succeeding. However, you need to feel accomplished. At a crucial point in your development, you are now looking to breathe new life into your business and develop a wide-angle view to enable you to spread your wings 360°.



La Haute Couture Cellulaire © : a limited-edition experience that is exclusively custom-built for visionary entrepreneurs and leaders, ready to open their eyes, engage their hearts and spread their wings.

They become

Everyday, I have the joy and the honour of sharing my path with truly amazing people, both in terms of entrepreneurs and human beings. Working together is always a reciprocal, instinctive and absolute commitment. Here are 21 inspiring incarnations of Le Luxe d’être Soi.