Le luxe d’être soi

mentors entrepreneurs and visionary decision-makers to be more, do less and get better in their business. And in their life.

Since 2010, Le luxe d’être soi has been making way for a new economic and society model by mentoring entrepreneurs’ inner and outer metamorphoses. Revealing what lies within makes the impossible become possible.

Mentoring entrepreneurs to find their identity in this ever-changing world has been like looking in the mirror, allowing me to find my own identity. The key I am holding out to you is my sharp eye on the invisible, building innovative bridges between quantum, artistic and economic dimensions.

As my 7th year in business dawns, I am spreading my wings to fly you even further and higher thanks to La Haute Couture Cellulaire © : an experience where branding, luxury, artistic and quantum aspects meet, carving you out a custom-built business that suits just how far you will go. Welcome !


Céline boura

I am

As a forerunner in brand identity and prospective with a grounding in neurosciences, quantum psychobiology, mindfulness and French Touch personal branding, I am completely in my element when connecting up the invisible world with business development.


You are

As a free spirit in business, you give the impression of succeeding. However, you need to feel accomplished. The nuance is subtle and yet determining. The spot you have created for your business is becoming too narrow and you are ready to extend your full range.



An unusual, sharp and intense experience designed for visionary entrepreneurs and leaders, ready to open their eyes, engage their hearts and spread their wings : welcome to La Haute Couture Cellulaire ©.

They become

Since 2010, more than 200 entrepreneurs have redesigned their business with me. I dare to believe that the tiny flutter of our butterfly wings is bringing more sense and elegance into the world. Here is the story of 21 of them, and my story with each of them.