Le luxe d’être soi

Prospective agency jointly set up with pioneers
who share our Human First business vision.

At the meeting point of sensitive, economic and artistic worlds, we lead you to explore innovative fields, to raise both your conscience and growth.

I would recommend this work process to any leader or brand, that desires to highly extend their business through a creative and prospective vision. Céline is a bridge right into the new world and her art is visionary. You are more than someone who guides… you are an artist, and artists are the visionaries of tomorrow.” – Séverine Perron.

Le luxe d’être soi, is now a team of 4 people that work at guiding you to build the future of your business. Welcome !


Céline boura

I am

As a forerunner in brand identity and prospective since 2010, I lead “out of the box” entrepreneurs and companies to their full expansion.


You are

Looking to breathe new life into your business and develop a wide-angle view to open up your horizons and extend your field of actions.



Let’s create 360° experiences to complement your cross-discipline way of thinking and a prospective vision of your company.

They become

Our clients’ peculiar path and unique vision embody 21 inspiring incarnations of tomorrow’s world. From today on.